Demand for specialists and managers is growing in the aviation industry. In the next 5 years local and international companies in the aviation industry will hire approx. 4 thousand new employees.

The upward employment trend in this sector has been observed for several years now, and has been growing each year. However, the requirements are also increasing. In the nearest future (2013-2015) we will need many specialists and managers with aviation experience and an educational background, as well as with a very good command of English. Currently, the most sought-after professions in new aviation investments in Poland include operations, production, quality
and logistics managers, as well as production, quality, R&D, purchasing, design and manufacturing process engineers.
According to the production and servicing plans of aviation companies that are beginning and developing their businesses in Poland, in 2013 they will increase their employment level by 35% in comparison to 2012. In addition to management and engineering staff, positions in high demand include CNC operators, mechanics, welders and quality-department personnel.

“Every foreign aviation company that has invested in Poland is very fond of Polish specialists.
The qualifications and skills of our engineers, as well as competitive remuneration, attract increasing numbers of companies to Poland”, commented Katarzyna Kordoń, CEO of K&K Selekt Personnel Advisory Services. (K&K Selekt)